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40 Naturals Moist Flushable Toilet Wipes
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Product Detail

Naturals Fresh Care Moist Flushable Toilet Wipes,40 count

We produce different kinds of flushable toilet papers.

The Pre-moistened flushable toilet wet wipe has better performance compare with the dry toilet paper.

The inner wipes is biodegradable flushable wipe material.  The material is very soft to use on the skin.   Because the wipe is pre-moistened with the formula solution,   so it is easy and quick for cleansing.     

It is great fresh care flushable toilet wipe.  

Scent or unscented for option.


Inner wipe size  15×20 cm, 18×20 cm, e.t.c  Accept customized size.

Offering Private label service.

Packing way for option

Individually wrapped pack,

10 pieces/bag,

20 pieces/bag,

25 pieces/bag,

40 pieces/bag,  40 pieces/tub, e.t.c

Accept customized packing. 

Private label service for all wet wipes.

Shelf life 3 years

Why work with us?

If you are a wholesales, dealers, trading company, Import company,  you will need us.

Why?  we can offer private label service for each wipes with smaller MOQ.

Wholesales price and high quality wipes.

Fast delivery time.


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