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2017 New Shoe Care And Shine Shoe Wipes
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2016 Shoe Care And Shine Shoe Wipes

Providing you the Private label service/Customized brand print service 

People walk in the outdoor everyday,  so the shoe may be the most dirty part that you are wearing.

Especially for the leather shoe series,  The shoe surface is easy covered by the dust and particles, water mark.  So people may clean their shoe with the cleaning kit before step out the house. 

But once your shoe expose in the outside while it may get dirty anytime.   Now you have no the shoe cleaning kit anymore.  

What do you do next?

Of course, you need instant shoe cleaning way right now.

Our Shoe shine wipes will help you clean the shoe anytime anywhere.

Let below picture speak...

20x6cm shoe cleaning wet wipes


shoe cleaning wet tissue


Wipe Size:   20×6 cm

Packing: 10 counts/bag,  Individually wrapped packing for optional.

Welcome to offer you private label service

Working:  The inner shoe non-woven wipe is pre-moistened by the cleaning liquid. Fast remove the dirt and oil on the shoe surface.   Polish the shoe surface make the shoe shine and bright as new.

The wipe is soft make sure no scractch the shoe surface.

Ingredient is beewax,carnauba wax, surfactant, lanolin, water, Alcohol free,  e.t.c

Usage:  leather shoe cleaning, for women and men shoes, sport shoes cleaning.

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shoes cleaning polish wet wipes

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